Design Tutorial: License Plate (3.5 Stars)

The Assignment: Design a License Plate (3.5 Stars) This assignment was pretty simple. I started off by searching for a free license plate designing program. I found and searched for New Jersey plates since I wanted to stay true... Read more

Final Week Summary.

Holy Cannoli. I made it. I had a lot of fun in this class and I learned a ton of valuable skills. In my first few posts I mentioned that I am not exactly tech savvy. (Okay, what I actually... Read more

Design Tutorial: Missing Puppy Poster (3.5 Stars)

This assignment is essentially the Missing Persons’ Poster (3.5 Stars), just tweaked a bit to better fit my story. (I did a missing puppy, not a person). This assignment was actually a little more challenging than I anticipated. There were... Read more

Animated GIF Tutorial: Found Puppy (3 Stars)

This was taken directly from the DS106 Assignment bank. It is GIF Your Sassy Animal (Three Stars) This was a pretty simple assignment. As I mentioned earlier, little Enzo is a husky mix so the sass comes naturally. I took... Read more

Audio Tutorial: Puppy Bark (4/4.5 Stars)

This assignment was sort of a mash up from a few found in the DS106 assignment bank. I drew inspiration from the Create A Place Assignment (Four Stars), trying to create the scene of being around a puppy. I also... Read more

Animated GIF Tutorial (4.5 Stars)

The Assignment: GIF The Weather, Man (4.5 Stars) The How-To: This assignment was very similar to other GIF assignments I had done previously. I wanted the setting to fit in with my story and for those of you who do... Read more

Design Tutorial: Rooty’s Coupon (3 Stars)

This assignment was one I decided to do myself (that was not included in the DS106 assignment bank). I gathered my inspiration by looking at several design assignments, mostly the menu one and the wedding invitation one (both three stars).... Read more

Louise Belcher FINALLY gets a puppy (… or does she?)

The Character: Louise Belcher. I would hope she needs no introduction, but I chose to write my story about my all time favorite television character, Louise Belcher. Louise is the youngest of her three siblings and is (in my opinion)... Read more

How To Make A Mimosa (In Thirty Seconds!)

The Assignment: 30 Second Documentary (Four Stars) The Story: On the weekends, when we do not have copious amounts of work to do, my friends and I like to enjoy the occasional mimosa with brunch. This short clip shows you... Read more

What I Eat In a Day, Vegetarian Version

The Assignment: What I Eat In a Day (Five Stars) The Story: I love to eat (who doesn’t?) so I actually had a lot of fun doing this assignment. This clip tells the story of an Italian-American vegetarian and her... Read more