A list of things my mom will inevitably ask me to do for her now

The title pretty much sums it up. This was supposed to be a post on what we have learned and read about this week but if I am being honest the material we have covered this week can be accurately described as things my mom will ask me to do for her now. Let’s dive in, shall we?

So this week started with learning how to be a better photographer. I consider myself a pretty sub-par photographer so I learned quite a bit with this material. Some of the things that I found the most useful were paying attention to the background and foreground, looking to the light, and being mindful of composition (such as the rule of thirds).

The best photo I took all week that demonstrates the tips I have learned would have to be this one

hello goregous!

I think this is my best looking photo and it also demonstrates the most tips that I have learned this week. It is an interesting background with an interesting foreground. The light is creating a unique reflection and shadow on the hood of the car. It is composed well and it demonstrates contrast in both color and content (the car in the nature scene). I also had fun with the creative side of this image, like thinking of the joke that cats do not like water.

So, how does this impact my mother? She owns a farm and has been wanting to make a website for it for awhile. Now that I am able to take marginally better photographs, I fear my next subjects will be barn animals…

Speaking of websites, I also learned a lot on the tech side of things this week. I learned how to edit a photo in Gimp, which I have never done before. I also learned how to make categories and subcategories on my WordPress site, which would be very useful if/when I am recruited to help my mom with her website.

Finally, this is not something I learned, but I did think it was cool; I am a sociology major and I have seen the photo of the Migrant Mother many times. I was familiar with the story behind the photo, but I thought it was very interesting to learn about the image from the photography side rather than the socioeconomic side. An interesting and unforeseen crossover!

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