A Modern Twist on a Children’s Classic


The Assignment: Computer Books for Kids (Four Stars)

The Story: In today’s modern society with the rise of iPad babies, it is only logical to revamp a classic children’s book and make it more appropriate with current times. Available for purchase exclusively on Amazon!

The How: This assignment was not super tricky but it did require a lot of steps. To get started I browsed covers of classic children’s books to get inspiration. I wanted to do something clever, and after learning about design this week I wanted my design to make sense. I found a book called “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” (never read it as a kid) and the idea came to me: Chicka Chicka Zoom Zoom. It rhymes, and the font color on the book was a turquoise- which was similar enough to Zoom’s blue font. I thought it was perfect.

The original (unedited) cover

To start, I downloaded an image of the book cover and an image of the Zoom logo. I decided before I did anything else, I needed to cover up the existing “Boom Boom” before trying to add my Zoom Zoom. To do this, I uploaded the photo to Gimp and used the free select tool to select an area of the orange background. I then saved this free select as a new layer and continuously pasted it over the “boom boom” half of the title until it was gone, and there was a cohesive background color in its place. You could not even tell it had been there!

Next, I uploaded the photo of the Zoom logo. I used this tutorial to learn how to remove the logo from it’s background and paste it in the new image where I wanted it. There are a LOT of steps, but essentially you use the fuzzy select tool, invert the image, and then paste it into the other image. Of course, I did this twice because I wanted it to say “zoom zoom”.

Also, the video did not cover this, but the fuzzy select tool will only select an outline, meaning it did not remove the background color from the middle of the o’s in Zoom. To fix this, I simply used the bucket fill tool and selected the color of the background using the dropper icon. Voila!

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