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The Assignment: The Little Caption (Two Stars)

The Story: When I have time (and weather permitting) I really like to go visit historic Occoquan. Every time I am there, I walk by this street sign and I laugh. Maybe that is not appropriate, but I just think it is such a funny and unfortunate name for a street. It reminds me of how popular the phrase ‘gaslighting’ is now a’days and how people often use it when talking about disagreements they have had with a partner. Last time I was there, I was sure to snap a photo, and I feel like it came in handy for this assignment.

The How-To: This assignment was probably the least time consuming out of all of the ones I have done so far. I chose the image I wanted to caption (hello Gaslight Landing) and I opened it on Gimp. I then used the text box tool to determine where I wanted my caption. I chose the top left corner because I felt like it made sense from a design standpoint (it adds balance and the background of the sky is calm/plain as opposed to the busier street below). I chose an easy to read font and used it in bold to make it more eye-catching and even easier to read. Similarly, I chose to make my caption in black so that it was a contrast to the light blue/white background, making it more eye catching and easy to read. When I was finished, I saved my photo and uploaded it to my Flickr.

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  1. This was a great idea – I chose to do this assignment as well and made my pic look like one of those “for dummies” books. A very unfortunate name for that street indeed.

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