Animated GIF Tutorial: Found Puppy (3 Stars)

This was taken directly from the DS106 Assignment bank. It is GIF Your Sassy Animal (Three Stars)

This was a pretty simple assignment. As I mentioned earlier, little Enzo is a husky mix so the sass comes naturally. I took this video of him accosting me for his dinner the other night. Fortunately, the video is only 5 seconds long, so I did not have to trim it before converting it to a GIF.

To make this masterpiece I went over to (my new best friend) and clicked on the create button. I then chose to upload a file and I selected my video of Enzo barking. Because no trimming was necessary, I went straight over to the filters tab, found one I liked, and uploaded it. Giphy provided me with a sharable link which allowed me to embed my GIF here and in my Final Story.

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