Animated GIF Tutorial (4.5 Stars)

The Assignment: GIF The Weather, Man (4.5 Stars)

The How-To:

This assignment was very similar to other GIF assignments I had done previously. I wanted the setting to fit in with my story and for those of you who do not know, Bob’s Burgers takes place in Ocean City, New Jersey. So, I went on YouTube and searched for storms in Ocean City. I found This Video that I liked the most because it is taken from a balcony, and the Belcher’s live in an upstairs apartment that overlooks a street (kind of like what is shown in the clip).

Once I found my video, I headed over to I already had made an account for previous assignments, so I just went over to the Create tab. I pasted the link to the Youtube video in the URL box at the bottom. This then allowed me to access the full clip, in four second increments. I selected an area of the clip that I thought was most interesting (where the object is flying in front of the camera) and chose this to be my animated GIF. I then went over to the filters tab and selected a muted-tone filter that emphasizes the impact of the rain. Once I was finished, I uploaded my GIF to Giphy and got a shareable link so that I could embed it on my blog.

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