Audio Tutorial: Puppy Bark (4/4.5 Stars)

This assignment was sort of a mash up from a few found in the DS106 assignment bank. I drew inspiration from the Create A Place Assignment (Four Stars), trying to create the scene of being around a puppy. I also drew inspiration from the Charlie Chaplin’s Foley Artist Assignment (4.5 stars) because rather than using FreeSound.Org (a wonderful sight) I wanted to make this a bit more challenging and use my own sounds that I recorded.

To do this assignment I started off by choosing a video of my puppy barking. (He is a husky mix, so I have plenty of those laying around). Once I found a video that I liked, I opened it on my computer using Finder. I then right-clicked the video, and chose “encode selected video files”. From the drop down menu that appeared, I selected settings, then hit “save audio only”. This allowed me to have an mp4 file of just Enzo barking, no video attached.

Because I have had issues with mp4 files previously, I then went back into Finder, and converted the audio clip to a wav file by selecting File, Convert, Convert to WAV file. This allowed me to upload it to Soundcloud without any hassle. I then named my audio clip to tie into my story, and got a sharable link from SoundCloud so that I could embed it in this post and my Final Project.

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