Class participation/ Interaction Week 1

In hindsight commenting on my classmate’s work is probably the one area where I could use improvement. I did have a few interactions with classmates over the course of the week via Twitter and I have included those. I commented on a couple classmate’s blog posts as well, but it appears they are in moderation so I have attached screenshots. I also did the daily create every day (on the day it came out!) as a way to get into the swing of things and try to boost my participation

for some reason when I hit ‘post comment’ it says I have already posted this comment so maybe it is in moderation somewhere..?

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  1. If you want practice commenting on other people’s blogs, feel free to visit mine. I too am working on this whole ds106 course and I feel I’m starting to get the gist of it. I am not a senior in college, but I am in the middle of my computer science major. Of course, once you see this, you’ll have to moderate it and all that jazz.

    1. Hey! I am sorry I am late replying to this but I have visited your blog a few times now and it totally makes sense that you are a computer science major LOL. All of your posts seem so organized and your site is so aesthetically pleasing.

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