Design Blitz: College Consumer Edition

I wanted to walk around town this week to try to capture signs and advertisements for this design blitz but frequent (and severe) thunderstorms lessened my desire to spend time outside. So, while grocery shopping and reflecting on design concepts from this week, I had a crazy idea- to do my design blitz on super market items. I was also thinking about the Vignelli Canon and some of the logos he had mentioned, so I figured hey, let’s see what design concepts I can find in my local grocery store.

Symbolism: The Monster Energy Logo is a monster claw mark. Somewhat effective. I always thought it looked like three seahorses as a kid
Symbolism/Metaphor again. Bear ‘naked’ because their product is organic. Also an interesting use of space, as the belly of the bear shows the granola product
Minimalist Design, likely done on purpose given the product (hair removal). Pretty effective and clever
Typography. The cartoonish goofy ‘kids’ font is a stark contrast to the Suave font. This is done intentionally to distinguish the product as a children’s one. I will say though, the animal on the pink bottle looks a little scary for kids. Bad design?
Proportion and Use of Space: Duncan Hines very intentionally made these cookies take up almost half of the box to make them look larger/emphasize their “epic” size. I’d say it is an effective design; it got my attention!

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