Design Tutorial: Rooty’s Coupon (3 Stars)

This assignment was one I decided to do myself (that was not included in the DS106 assignment bank). I gathered my inspiration by looking at several design assignments, mostly the menu one and the wedding invitation one (both three stars).

I also got my inspiration for the coupon itself from one of my favorite Linda Belcher rants (you can skip to 30 seconds in).

To do this assignment I went into Microsoft Word.

First, I changed the page orientation from portrait to landscape, as that is more appropriate for a coupon (Layout tab, orientation icon).

Next, I went over to the Design tab and hit the Page Color/Page Fill Icon. This allowed me change the background color of the coupon. I chose a shade that was a mix between salmon and beige, as I thought that was a clever design for Linda complaining about “painting the town beige” after her fish dinner.

Then, I changed the font. I wanted something fun that would seem to match the relaxed atmosphere of a more rustic restaurant. I chose one called Ravie and increased the size to appropriately fill out the page.

Lastly, I went over to the Insert tab and chose ‘icons’. I then searched for ‘fork’ and ‘fish’, clicking and dragging each icon where I wanted it on my coupon. I felt like this tied everything together, making it look like more of a coupon.

And finally, I saved my file as a PDF so I could upload it as a photo. However, both Flickr and WordPress gave me trouble uploading it in the pdf form, so to combat this I took a screenshot of my coupon and uploaded that instead. For some reason, that worked!

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