Finally, a plant I can’t kill (3.5 Stars)

Finally, a plant I can't kill

The explanation: For this visual assignment I chose to do the prompt where you are to draw something detailed in only a 16 by 16 pixel. I chose to draw a leaf from my Monstera plant because it is a very intricate plant and I felt like creating it would be a fun challenge.

The story: I also chose it because today it is 96 degrees outside and my AC Unit is taking a labor strike. So, while I sit in a pool of my own sweat, I am glancing at my monstera plant pretending I am in a lush tropical paradise and not my shoebox of an apartment. Another Mai Thai, please!

Creating this piece was fairly simple. I did a google search for a free pixel drawing software and found The site is very user friendly and I started off by selecting the margins of 16×16, per the instructions of the prompt. I then began the general shape of my Monstera by filling in green pixels and being sure to be symmetrical, as that makes it look more realistic (and it is easier to draw something symmetrical if you are no Picasso like me!).

Where I wanted the slits of my monstera leaf I colored pixels the same as the background color. Initially I had a blue background but I decided it was too much with the green plant so I changed it to black. After I was finished I selected a different shade of green and went around the edges to try to add some contrast. When I was ready to save my image, I hit download, but I was sure to change the image size back to 1000×1000 before downloading. This allowed me to keep my work but also made it that it was a full sized image, a very important step. #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments504

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