First Week!


My first post on Flicker, after the initial required five photos is listed above! One thing about me is I love animals (specifically cats and fish) so that is likely what the majority of my (personal) content will be about! The photo above is my first pet angelfish, Wiz.

For my first YouTube video I focused on my pet fish, Sangria. I focused on him because a huge part of my life is caring after my animals (hello, Confessions of a Cat Lady) so I figured I should introduce him to my peers. Bettas are also one of the most abused pets (because there is so much misinformation about how to properly care for them) so I am very passionate about educating people on their proper care 🙂

First Daily Create!!

The Daily Create reminded me of going back in time (the direction of the arrow made me think backwards, as opposed to left or West) so I decided to think back on one of my favorite trips and reflect with some photos I took. I wish I was still there!

This beautiful beast on my Soundcloud is Sephora, the inspiration to my Blog name. And yes, my pets are Sephora and Sangria.

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