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The Assignment: Not What I Expected (3 Stars)

HELP!! My phone camera is stuck all the way on zoom and I can’t get it unstuck!!! This was what all my photos look like!! AaAAAAAAaagh!

And NO ALEXA!! I do NOT mean Zoom the video software!!

The assignment asks us to take a photo of something very zoomed in/so close up that object is not recognizable. It is a fairly simple ask, so rather than a tutorial I will give the following tips

  1. Choose something with variation in color or pattern. I thought about doing a leaf, fibers on my shorts, a tree branch, etc but the overwhelming monochromatic scheme made the object more recognizable (in my opinion).
  2. If you do not have a tripod, like me, prop your phone/camera up with something to keep it steady. I have shaky hands, and I am taking this class with my beat up iPhone. I had to use several coasters to prop up my phone to keep it still so that the photo did not come out blurry with it being so zoomed in
  3. Like anything else- be picky!! It took me several different objects and 30ish photos to be satisfied with my assignment

And finally, I am not going to spoil what the object is, but for anyone who wants to see if they are correct.

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