Gettin’ Hitched

The Assignment: Wedding Invitation (Three Stars)

Lauren and Victorio

The Story: My boyfriend Vic and I have been together for a few years so I actually had a lot of fun scaring my friends and family with the finished product. I sent it to my best friend without context and she said I gave her a heart attack (sorry Bella!) I did the same thing to my mom, but she is actually a wedding planner and immediately noticed 1) the fake phone number 2) I put “Vic” down for the RSVP’s, 3) the address is her place of employment (LOL) and 4) it is watermarked. Way to ruin my prank, mom.

The How-To: The assignment specifies that the invitations should be designed in Canva. So, I headed over to their website and got designing! The site is very user friendly and they have lots of free templates to choose from so I browsed for awhile until I found one I really liked. I thought it was aesthetically pleasing, I love plants and the color scheme, and I even like how the colors tied into the background of my website.

Once I found the template I started filling it out. I was torn on how to represent my boyfriend because while his name is Victorio, everyone calls him Victor or Vic. But hey, this is a formal event so Victorio it is! I actually had a lot of fun just picking the date. I chose April 25 because it is “the perfect date” according to Miss Congeniality.

I also had fun choosing the location. Since this is fake, and money is no object, I chose the Inn at Little Washington. Only in my dreams (or a DS106 assignment) would I be able to get married there. When I had finished designing my invitation, I hit download and opted for downloading with a water mark because that way it is free.

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