Grab Your Floppy Hats: Reflection

I chose to go to the far side of my neighborhood where there is a large pond, a walking trail, and some very nice houses. I chose this location because I thought it would give me a nice variety of techniques to try that we have learned about this week. I wanted to take pictures with the pond as the background and I thought I might be able to play with the light reflecting off the surface of the pond.

I do live in Virginia, and it has been disgustingly hot this week. Like criminally hot. So while I did not love baking in the 95 degree heat, I actually had a lot more fun doing this assignment than I thought I would. I was not able to get everything on the list, but for fifteen minutes I think I did pretty well! One of my favorite photos was actually the one that made us feel joy. I did not anticipate feeling joy while on the verge of a heatstroke, but I came across a sidewalk that made me smile from ear to ear.

The photo that made me feel joy

I have no idea who Roger and Pauline are. Newborn twins? Out of town relatives? A couple who just purchased the house? The possibilities are endless, and I love the hospitality of whoever did this.

The photo that I am the most pleased with from my fifteen minute photo burst would probably have to be the photo of the interesting shadow. I initially took the photo because of the converging lines, then I noticed how it gave a unique shadow as well.

Converging lines and a unique shadow

I would like to add that ‘be picky’ and ‘don’t use your phone like a rapid fire machine’ were the two most useful tips for this assignment. This safari certainly felt like an example of quality over quantity. I did not get everything on the list but for fifteen minutes I am happy with what I got! And again, another link to the full album on Flickr

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