How To Make A Mimosa (In Thirty Seconds!)

The Assignment: 30 Second Documentary (Four Stars)

The Story: On the weekends, when we do not have copious amounts of work to do, my friends and I like to enjoy the occasional mimosa with brunch. This short clip shows you how we make our mimosas- sans narration, because that is what the assignment requires.

The How-To: Much like my other video assignment, I actually had a lot of fun making this clip. Before I started recording, I brainstormed what I could film myself doing in thirty seconds and it hit me-making a mimosa! In order to keep myself within the time frame and make things more interesting I decided to record a few separate short clips and combine them all together. I was pretty comfortable doing this after I had completed the What I Eat In a Day assignment, but here is the gist of what I did.

I recorded a few short clips (the orange, the orange slices, orange juice, and then combining the juice with the Prosecco). I uploaded all of these clips to my computer and opened them in iMovie using the import media tab. Once I had imported all of the clips I dragged them to the media stream at the bottom of the screen. I arranged them in chronological order, starting with the orange and then progressing with the slices, the juice and so on. iMovie allows you to change the order of clips by clicking and dragging on them so arranging them in order was fairly simple.

Once I had all of my clips in order I had to trim some of them to fit the 30 second window. I did this by clicking on the clip and sliding the end mark on it. Once I was satisfied with the duration of each of my clips, I went over to the transitions tab. I picked a transition I liked and clicked on it, then dragged it between each separate clip, ensuring that each short had the same transition (this was not necessary, but I think it looks more cohesive). Once I had my transitions in, I went over to the Titles tab and added my opening and closing credits. I did this by selecting a title credit animation I liked and dragging it down to where I wanted it in my movie. (In this case, I put the opening credits before the first clip and the closing credits after the last clip). I customized what I wanted each one to say by clicking on the text box in the title.

Finally, I added background music by clicking on the Audio tab in iMovie and importing my soundtrack. I found the soundtrack I wanted to use by going on FreeSound.Org (I had signed up for a free membership last week for audio story telling; it’s a great program). I searched for upbeat music and found a song I liked, downloaded it to my computer and then opened it in iMovie using the audio tab. After I had imported the audio file I dragged it down to the bottom audio bar (below the media bar in iMovie) and trimmed the audio to be the duration of my clip. Cheers!

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