I Don’t Belong Here… Or Do I?


The Assignment: Are We There Yet? (Three Stars)

The Story: When I was younger I used to model for a beauty salon in my small town. If you scroll back far enough, you will see some old pictures of me! Anyways, this photo of me was taken by them to advertise some of their more eccentric hair and makeup looks. For this assignment I decided to edit the photo onto a high-fashion billboard.

The How-To: I started by finding my background photo. I did this by googling fashion billboards. Once I found a photo I liked, this one, I opened both photos in Gimp. Before I put myself on the billboard I had to edit out the original models. I did this by free selecting an area of the billboard that was not occupied by the models. I then pasted that area over top of the models faces’, making the background one even color and hiding the original image.

I watched this tutorial on how to edit one photo on top of/into the other. It explains everything in detail and there are quite a few steps. Essentially, I used the fuzzy select tool to edit out the background of my photo. Then I inverted it to leave just the image of myself. I copied this image and pasted it as a new layer in the billboard image. I had to resize the photo of myself using the transform tool, but once that was done all I had to do was move the image of myself over the billboard.

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