Jack, draw me like one of your DS106 assignments!

Lauren Pencil

The Assignment: Draw It (2 stars)

I’m going to use this to try to impress anyone that thinks my Bachelor’s of Arts Degree is a joke… Nobody tell them I didn’t draw it!

This was actually a bit trickier than I anticipated. To be honest, I had a much easier time with the Pixel Art assignment that was rated 3.5 stars. I started by installing Gimp onto my computer. I then uploaded the photo I wanted to edit which was this one. This is where things got tricky. I had to watch several tutorials on how to edit the photo. There are too many steps to list in order. The video I found the most helpful was this tutorial . The most crucial step (in my opinion) is layering the photos and getting three duplicate versions. I followed all of the steps in order then saved the edited photo as a jpeg and uploaded both the original and edited version to my Flickr… Saving the photo as a jpeg is another important step because the standard version that Gimp saves as is an edit-as version rather than a still image. Of course, after I spent 1.5 hours on this assignment, and watched three tutorials on YouTube, my older bother suggested there is a ‘filters’ tab on Gimp that can accomplish a similar effect. So, next time around, perhaps I will look into that.

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