Taking out the Take-Out Bag

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The Assignment: Animals Doing Funny Things (Two and a Half Stars)

The Story: I often have to keep take out bags or shipping boxes in my apartment MUCH longer than I would prefer to because they offer an endless source of entertainment for my cat, Sephora. Wether she is slap boxing with them, hiding in them, or using them as a scratching post, she loves them, and who am I to keep her from what she loves?

The How-To: I had initially tried using Gimp to make this GIF. I was having a bit of trouble (likely because my image was over 150 frames, even after editing it to be shorter)… okay more than a bit of trouble. I consulted the tutorial provided for us and it was extremely helpful! But they were working with a fraction of the frames I had and I was feeling overwhemled!

Since this was my first time making a GIF, and the assignment did not specify which software we should use, I decided to google the most user friendly GIF makers. I found Giphy! I love it! It’s free once you make an account (which I did using my school email). I then uploaded my image to their GIF converter and let them do the heavy lifting.

What I really liked about Giphy was that they also give you the option to add text/stickers/further animation. Obviously Gimp offers this as well, but I found Giphy’s format to be a LOT more user friendly. This is likely because Giphy only offers like ten tools, specifically to make GIFs, and Gimp offers hundreds of tools for an array of media editing. Anyways, the other thing I really liked about Giphy was that they allow you to post your GIF directly onto their site and give you the option to tag it, so I tagged mine with ds106 and AnimatedGIFAssignments.

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    1. That’s so cool! I like how you tweeted yours. I’ll have to start posting some of my assignments and tagging the ds106 community.

  1. I love this a lot. I also have cats, and therefore I also tend to keep bags much longer than I normally would so that they may be entertained. Mine specifically loved this one gift bag that I got around Christmas, and they threw a week long hissy-fit when I had to throw it away. I soon replaced it with a Trader Joe’s bag, and now they are much happier with me!

    1. Thank you so much! And yeah, unfortunately I think it is a struggle that almost all cat owners can relate to. But on the bright side, it is a very inexpensive toy for them! I’ll have to go check out your page; an added bonus if you post cat content 🙂

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