TED Radio Hour and ScottLo Reflection

I thought that the TED Radio Hour was neat. I never thought about how the lack of sound can create just as much of an impact as having sound. For example, the narrator notes that the robot made her feel “incredibly depressed”. This is clearly a stark contrast to the happy music that has been playing, and the fact that the music abruptly stops with the word “depressed” has such a dramatic effect. I thought it was hilarious.

I thought Scottlo’s podcast was… interesting. I think he has some valuable things to contribute to the ds106 community. I thought it was cool how in some of his installments he goes over specific assignments from the audio bank, like the radio bumper one for example. I also thought it was interesting that some of the assignments he mentions are almost a decade old now (his podcast is from 2012/2013) and yet they are still relevant to our study of digital storytelling. It makes me curious as to what kinds of digital stories we will be telling two decades from now.

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