Whoops, I spilled my Purse!


The Assignment: Whats In My Bag (2.5 Stars)

This assignment kind of spoke to me because I spill my purse. A lot. Going around sharp turns, hitting potholes, knocking it over while flicking off an aggressive driver, it just happens.

This particular photo was taken after I shook out the contents because I desperately needed my credit card for a flash sale. It was an emergency!

So anyways, what’s in my purse?

  1. Hairbrush. I have a lions mane
  2. Car keys. apartment keys. mailbox keys. all the keys
  3. Airpods, so I can tune out anyone that annoys me
  4. Three things of red pepper flakes because I am an angry Italian woman and I could always use more spice
  5. Sunglasses, so I can’t see the haters
  6. Punch cards for my local coffee shop because I am fueled by caffeine and chaos

The assignment itself is fairly simple; it asks us to photograph and describe what you keep in your bag. For the photography aspect I took the photo from the birds eye view to give the audience a better perspective. I was also sure to remove personal identification that I did not want public online (like my much needed credit card). I also edited out the brand name from my purse because interestingly enough Flickr would not let me post it with the brand in view. I removed the brand name by selecting ‘markup’ in the iOS photos app and going over the logo with a color similar to the bag. Hopefully over the next few weeks my photo editing skills improve! #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments504

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