Animated GIF Tutorial: Found Puppy (3 Stars)

This was taken directly from the DS106 Assignment bank. It is GIF Your Sassy Animal (Three Stars) This was a pretty simple assignment. As I mentioned earlier, little Enzo is a husky mix so the sass comes naturally. I took... Read more

Animated GIF Tutorial (4.5 Stars)

The Assignment: GIF The Weather, Man (4.5 Stars) The How-To: This assignment was very similar to other GIF assignments I had done previously. I wanted the setting to fit in with my story and for those of you who do... Read more

Your Worst Nightmare/ My Dream

The Assignment: Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D GIF (Four Stars) The Story: I love cats but my brother does not and he is allergic to them. The GIF I created is likely what he sees in his nightmares… or whenever... Read more

Taking out the Take-Out Bag

The Assignment: Animals Doing Funny Things (Two and a Half Stars) The Story: I often have to keep take out bags or shipping boxes in my apartment MUCH longer than I would prefer to because they offer an endless source... Read more