Get ready for your close up!

The Assignment: Not What I Expected (3 Stars) HELP!! My phone camera is stuck all the way on zoom and I can’t get it unstuck!!! This was what all my photos look like!! AaAAAAAAaagh! And NO ALEXA!! I do NOT... Read more

Jack, draw me like one of your DS106 assignments!

The Assignment: Draw It (2 stars) I’m going to use this to try to impress anyone that thinks my Bachelor’s of Arts Degree is a joke… Nobody tell them I didn’t draw it! This was actually a bit trickier than... Read more

Whoops, I spilled my Purse!

The Assignment: Whats In My Bag (2.5 Stars) This assignment kind of spoke to me because I spill my purse. A lot. Going around sharp turns, hitting potholes, knocking it over while flicking off an aggressive driver, it just happens.... Read more

Finally, a plant I can’t kill (3.5 Stars)

The explanation: For this visual assignment I chose to do the prompt where you are to draw something detailed in only a 16 by 16 pixel. I chose to draw a leaf from my Monstera plant because it is a... Read more