Final Week Summary.

Holy Cannoli. I made it. I had a lot of fun in this class and I learned a ton of valuable skills. In my first few posts I mentioned that I am not exactly tech savvy. (Okay, what I actually... Read more

Design Tutorial: Missing Puppy Poster (3.5 Stars)

This assignment is essentially the Missing Persons’ Poster (3.5 Stars), just tweaked a bit to better fit my story. (I did a missing puppy, not a person). This assignment was actually a little more challenging than I anticipated. There were... Read more

Animated GIF Tutorial: Found Puppy (3 Stars)

This was taken directly from the DS106 Assignment bank. It is GIF Your Sassy Animal (Three Stars) This was a pretty simple assignment. As I mentioned earlier, little Enzo is a husky mix so the sass comes naturally. I took... Read more

Audio Tutorial: Puppy Bark (4/4.5 Stars)

This assignment was sort of a mash up from a few found in the DS106 assignment bank. I drew inspiration from the Create A Place Assignment (Four Stars), trying to create the scene of being around a puppy. I also... Read more

Animated GIF Tutorial (4.5 Stars)

The Assignment: GIF The Weather, Man (4.5 Stars) The How-To: This assignment was very similar to other GIF assignments I had done previously. I wanted the setting to fit in with my story and for those of you who do... Read more

Design Tutorial: Rooty’s Coupon (3 Stars)

This assignment was one I decided to do myself (that was not included in the DS106 assignment bank). I gathered my inspiration by looking at several design assignments, mostly the menu one and the wedding invitation one (both three stars).... Read more

Louise Belcher FINALLY gets a puppy (… or does she?)

The Character: Louise Belcher. I would hope she needs no introduction, but I chose to write my story about my all time favorite television character, Louise Belcher. Louise is the youngest of her three siblings and is (in my opinion)... Read more