Final Week Summary.

Holy Cannoli. I made it. I had a lot of fun in this class and I learned a ton of valuable skills. In my first few posts I mentioned that I am not exactly tech savvy. (Okay, what I actually... Read more

Week Four Summary

This week was actually really fun! I learned a decent bit about how to ‘read’ movies as well as see some examples of techniques used by famous directors, such as the the Shining Zooms and Tarantino’s tendency to film at... Read more

Week 3 Summary

This is probably something that will be mentioned repeatedly throughout my posts this week but hey, here we go. I have permanent hearing loss and my brother is an audio engineer. Allow me to rephrase that; I am partially deaf... Read more

Week Two Summary… I might be getting the hang of this?

This week was pretty intimidating!! When I saw that we would be doing five design assignments with at least one being four stars I was a little worried. But hey, I got it done, and I actually ended up doing... Read more

Week One Final Summary: I am alive but barely breathing

Okay. This week was a little rough!! I think I did a really good job managing my time and working through the assignments. I will say though, next time around, I am going to give myself even more time to... Read more

Week 1 Midweek Summary

Okay. Woof. The first week did not go well for me. For someone who is a senior in college and was born in 2000, you’d probably expect me to be a bit more tech savvy than I am. I repel... Read more