Louise Belcher FINALLY gets a puppy (… or does she?)

The Character: Louise Belcher. I would hope she needs no introduction, but I chose to write my story about my all time favorite television character, Louise Belcher. Louise is the youngest of her three siblings and is (in my opinion) the backbone of Bob’s Burgers. Although she is known to be quite feisty (okay, she’s down-right frightening at times) she has a soft spot for puppies. Because I just got a puppy over the weekend, I figured, let’s make Louise’s dream come true and get her a puppy.

The Cast:

Louise Belcher

Gene (her older brother, middle child)

Tina (Louise and Gene’s older sister)

Linda (Mom to the three kids. Bob’s wife)

Bob (Father to the three kids, Linda’s husband)

Mr. FischOder (the Belcher’s Landlord/Wonder Wharf Owner)

Enzo the puppy

The Story:

With the heat of summer mixing with the cool air from the ocean, a storm was brewing. It was a windy and rainy evening by Wonder Wharf.

The Belchers had intended to stay inside, but Bob and Linda headed off to a last-minute date night, as they had a coupon that was soon to expire. Linda also urged Bob that with conditions like these, they might be the only one’s out that evening. A discounted meal, time away from the kids, and a private dining experience? This was too good to pass up.

Tina was left in charge, as she is the oldest. Tina suggested a game of hide and seek, and out of boredom and pity, Louise and Gene obliged. The trio were playing a game of hide-and-seek when they heard a strange sound.

Gene heard the sound first. He suggested that maybe it was a lost pizza delivery guy. Tina chimed in wondering if maybe the potential pizza person were a teenage boy. Frustrated with her siblings’ senseless musings, Louise decided to investigate. The sound seemed like it was coming from the back alley. Louise opened the back door, with Tina and Gene in tow, only to find that the sound was getting louder. Out from under the dumpster appeared a puppy, who was barking very eagerly at them!

“Where did you come from?” they all mused. The pup wagged eagerly in return. The three siblings, mostly led by Louise, decided that the weather was too harsh for the young pup and they should bring him inside. They snuck him into the basement and fed him some hamburger buns. Just when they were getting settled in, and Louise was starting to formulate how she would be able to keep him, Bob and Linda came home.

Apparently, the storm had caused some flooding and the roads were closed. Dinner at Rooty’s would have to wait. But, on their way back into the apartment they noticed a flier hanging outside.

Louise started to consider how she might conceal her new best friend from her parents. But with the young pup’s constant barking, and the missing dog poster, it was all too much. (Plus she did not know how she was going to feed a puppy on her allowance, and there was no way she could pilfer from the meat locker considering they noticed every time Gene did it). She decided to come clean and tell her parents what her, Gene, and Tina had discovered by the dumpster.

“Hey!” shouted Linda. “It’s the dog from that poster!”

“That’s the phone number for Wonder Wharf,” shouted Gene as he grabbed the poster

“How do you know that?” quipped Bob.

“I have the Wharf’s phone number memorized. It’s good to know when they’re changing out the fryer oil,” replied Gene.

With an exhausted sigh, Bob reached for the landline and dialed for his landlord and the owner of Wonder Wharf, Mr. Fischoeder. Soon the eccentric man appeared in his white convertible with his signature license plate.

He was very happy to be reunited with his lost puppy, but even happier were the Belchers! Louise insisted that because they all had found the puppy, they should all get a reward as well. So, on the next sunny day, the three children enjoyed an all expenses paid trip to the Wharf, while Bob and Linda had their makeup date at Rooty’s.

I would say it was a happily ever after, but Louise did not get to keep the puppy, and Bob did have to pay full price at Rooty’s.

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