Week Four Summary

This week was actually really fun! I learned a decent bit about how to ‘read’ movies as well as see some examples of techniques used by famous directors, such as the the Shining Zooms and Tarantino’s tendency to film at... Read more

Week Four Daily Creates

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Week Four Comments

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Look. Listen. Analyze.

For this assignment I chose to analyze The Joker Pencil Trick and Mob Scene. I chose this scene because The Joker is my favorite supervillain and let’s be honest, Heath Ledger was the best at playing the role. RIP Handsome.... Read more

Reading Movies and Other Techniques

I thought the blog post from Roger Ebert was very interesting and informative. I thought his technique of randomly pausing a film and analyzing the composition of individual frames was really neat and somewhat counter intuitive. I would not have... Read more

That Time My Cat Made me Late for Work

The Assignment: Story Time, Fun Time! (3.5 Stars) The How-To: Okay! This assignment was actually super fun but was probably the most time consuming one of the week… Well, it might have been a tie between this and the hour-long... Read more

A Tribute to Lucky Ducky

The Assignment: Create A Place (Four Stars) The Story: I grew up in a really rural town with a population of roughly 600 people. I lived on a horse farm with my mom and I had a horse named Lucky.... Read more

Lauren’s Leg Warmers

The Assignment: 80’s Product Radio Commercial (Five Stars) The Story: I have actually been watching Stranger Things (when I am not slaving away at my ds106 class, of course) because a new season just came out. For those who may... Read more

Moon Graffiti Reflection

The first thing I noticed about the Moon Graffiti story from The Truth Podcast was the plot of the story. The question “what if they crashed?” simply never occurred to me, but I am sure it occurred to President Nixon,... Read more

Week 3 Summary

This is probably something that will be mentioned repeatedly throughout my posts this week but hey, here we go. I have permanent hearing loss and my brother is an audio engineer. Allow me to rephrase that; I am partially deaf... Read more