Week 3 Daily Creates

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Week 3 Comments

This week I responded to a few comments on my blog post. Response 1 Response 2 Response 3 Response 4 Response 5 I also posted on a few classmates’ blogs. Comment 1 Comment 2 Comment 3 Comment 4 Comment 5... Read more

TED Radio Hour and ScottLo Reflection

I thought that the TED Radio Hour was neat. I never thought about how the lack of sound can create just as much of an impact as having sound. For example, the narrator notes that the robot made her feel... Read more

Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad Reflection

For this assignment I listened to part one and part two of Ira Glass’ segment on audio story telling. Ira said something that grabbed my attention from the start. He notes that in his opinion, in this medium of story... Read more

Your Worst Nightmare/ My Dream

The Assignment: Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D GIF (Four Stars) The Story: I love cats but my brother does not and he is allergic to them. The GIF I created is likely what he sees in his nightmares… or whenever... Read more

Taking out the Take-Out Bag

The Assignment: Animals Doing Funny Things (Two and a Half Stars) The Story: I often have to keep take out bags or shipping boxes in my apartment MUCH longer than I would prefer to because they offer an endless source... Read more

Week Two Summary… I might be getting the hang of this?

This week was pretty intimidating!! When I saw that we would be doing five design assignments with at least one being four stars I was a little worried. But hey, I got it done, and I actually ended up doing... Read more

Design Blitz: College Consumer Edition

I wanted to walk around town this week to try to capture signs and advertisements for this design blitz but frequent (and severe) thunderstorms lessened my desire to spend time outside. So, while grocery shopping and reflecting on design concepts... Read more

I Don’t Belong Here… Or Do I?

The Assignment: Are We There Yet? (Three Stars) The Story: When I was younger I used to model for a beauty salon in my small town. If you scroll back far enough, you will see some old pictures of me!... Read more

Vignelli Canon Reflection: A Subtle Diss on the American Imperial System

I thought that the Vignelli Canon was extremely interesting. I’ll start by saying this: my mom’s family is Italian and so is my boyfriend (he is a first generation American, woohoo!). So, I might be biased, but my initial reaction... Read more