Be My Valentine, or my Accomplice

The Assignment: Noir Valentine (Three Stars) The Story: What happens when you forget Valentine’s Day? You get this card. And a slap. The How-To: I have never heard of Noir Films so I started this assignment by researching what they... Read more

A Sarcastic but Honest Tourist Attraction

The Assignment: The Little Caption (Two Stars) The Story: When I have time (and weather permitting) I really like to go visit historic Occoquan. Every time I am there, I walk by this street sign and I laugh. Maybe that... Read more

Gettin’ Hitched

The Assignment: Wedding Invitation (Three Stars) The Story: My boyfriend Vic and I have been together for a few years so I actually had a lot of fun scaring my friends and family with the finished product. I sent it... Read more

A Modern Twist on a Children’s Classic

The Assignment: Computer Books for Kids (Four Stars) The Story: In today’s modern society with the rise of iPad babies, it is only logical to revamp a classic children’s book and make it more appropriate with current times. Available for... Read more

Class Participation Week Two

I think I have done well with class participation this week. I did five daily creates instead of the required two because I feel like it is a good way to stay engaged with the ds106 community online. I also... Read more

Daily Create Week Two

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Class participation/ Interaction Week 1

In hindsight commenting on my classmate’s work is probably the one area where I could use improvement. I did have a few interactions with classmates over the course of the week via Twitter and I have included those. I commented... Read more

Week One Final Summary: I am alive but barely breathing

Okay. This week was a little rough!! I think I did a really good job managing my time and working through the assignments. I will say though, next time around, I am going to give myself even more time to... Read more

A list of things my mom will inevitably ask me to do for her now

The title pretty much sums it up. This was supposed to be a post on what we have learned and read about this week but if I am being honest the material we have covered this week can be accurately... Read more

Riskin’ it for the Biscuit: The time I almost backed my car into a pond in pursuit of the perfect photo

This week we were tasked with trying several new tips in an attempt to take better photos. The tip I tried more in depth was taking an interesting foreground and putting it in front of an interesting background. This is... Read more