Grab Your Floppy Hats: Reflection

I chose to go to the far side of my neighborhood where there is a large pond, a walking trail, and some very nice houses. I chose this location because I thought it would give me a nice variety of... Read more

Daily Create 5.18-5.21

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Grab your floppy hats, we’re going on a photo safari!

And for the rest of my photos that did not ‘make the cut’ see the full album on my Flickr Read more

Get ready for your close up!

The Assignment: Not What I Expected (3 Stars) HELP!! My phone camera is stuck all the way on zoom and I can’t get it unstuck!!! This was what all my photos look like!! AaAAAAAAaagh! And NO ALEXA!! I do NOT... Read more

Jack, draw me like one of your DS106 assignments!

The Assignment: Draw It (2 stars) I’m going to use this to try to impress anyone that thinks my Bachelor’s of Arts Degree is a joke… Nobody tell them I didn’t draw it! This was actually a bit trickier than... Read more

Whoops, I spilled my Purse!

The Assignment: Whats In My Bag (2.5 Stars) This assignment kind of spoke to me because I spill my purse. A lot. Going around sharp turns, hitting potholes, knocking it over while flicking off an aggressive driver, it just happens.... Read more

Finally, a plant I can’t kill (3.5 Stars)

The explanation: For this visual assignment I chose to do the prompt where you are to draw something detailed in only a 16 by 16 pixel. I chose to draw a leaf from my Monstera plant because it is a... Read more

Week 1 Midweek Summary

Okay. Woof. The first week did not go well for me. For someone who is a senior in college and was born in 2000, you’d probably expect me to be a bit more tech savvy than I am. I repel... Read more

First Week!

My first post on Flicker, after the initial required five photos is listed above! One thing about me is I love animals (specifically cats and fish) so that is likely what the majority of my (personal) content will be about!... Read more

Hello fellow DS106 students!

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