Final Week Summary.

Holy Cannoli. I made it.

I had a lot of fun in this class and I learned a ton of valuable skills. In my first few posts I mentioned that I am not exactly tech savvy. (Okay, what I actually said was that I repel technology and it abhors me). Before taking this class, that was a true statement. But after five weeks I feel pretty versed in digital storytelling and media production. I have learned so much, but I think my most valuable skills would probably be the way I learned how to use iMovie, my photo editing skills in Gimp, and what I learned about design from the Vignelli Cannon in week two.

True to what is asked of us, this assignment was a combination of just about everything we have learned this far. I used elements of design, animated gifs, and audio to create my final story. If I had to do one thing differently/take this class over again the one thing I would change is my time management skills. Fortunately I never found myself rushing on assignments and was always able to get them turned in before the deadline, but I do wish I had taken a little more time with some assignments just so that I could have really played around with the software and produced something awesome. (Or in the words of Ira Glass, something that isn’t crap!). This final assignment was one of my favorites, but I also throughly enjoyed recording What I Eat in a Day.

Also, in terms of my final project, I do think I would have had a slightly easier time if I chose an entirely fictional character with no known backstory. While I LOVED playing with the Bob’s Burgers family storyline, I do think I limited myself in terms of assignments by trying to stay so true to the show. Either way, this was so much fun!

Final Story (21.5/22 Stars)

Audio Tutorial- A Strange sound (4/4.5 Stars)

Design Tutorial- Missing Puppy (3.5 Stars)

Design Tutorial- Rooty’s Dinner Coupon (3 stars)

Animated GIF Tutorial of your pet giving you sass (3 stars)

Animated GIF Tutorial Weather (4.5 Stars)

Design Tutorial License Plate (3.5 Stars)

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