Week Four Summary

This week was actually really fun! I learned a decent bit about how to ‘read’ movies as well as see some examples of techniques used by famous directors, such as the the Shining Zooms and Tarantino’s tendency to film at an upwards facing angle. This week was also sort of like a combination of everything we have learned in DS106 so far. I found myself using elements of photography (like the rule of thirds, even Ebert mentions it) when filming video. I also found myself thinking about design when editing my clips, specifically when making transitions and adding opening/closing credits. Finally, I thought there was a considerable amount of crossover between Audio Storytelling (last week) and editing the soundtrack for a movie. I enjoyed this week a lot more than I thought I would!

My favorite assignment (and the one I am the most proud of this week) has to be the What I Ate In a Day video. I had so much fun making it and picking the music and I really enjoyed learning how to use iMovie.

I also got a little more comfortable with WordPress this week and changed the layout of my website to be a bit more user friendly.

An overview of my second to last week in DS106:

Reading Movies Reflection/Summary

Look. Listen. Analyze. Reflection/Summary

Daily Creates

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Video Assignments

  1. What I Eat In A Day (Five Stars)
  2. 30 Second Documentary (Four Stars)

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