Week One Final Summary: I am alive but barely breathing

Okay. This week was a little rough!! I think I did a really good job managing my time and working through the assignments. I will say though, next time around, I am going to give myself even more time to complete assignments because the ones from the DS Assignment bank took me HOURS to complete. This is likely because I really am not digitally literate (I’ll admit it and it needs to change). For example, it took me 1.5 hours to do the Draw It assignment while following a six minute tutorial… but hey, I got it done!

I did learn a lot about how to be a better photographer and I do think I will use some of what I have learned in the future, wether it be for personal photos or for work. I also really liked getting to be creative in so many different mediums like photography, drawing, digital art, etc.

Now, to be brutally honest, I looked around at some of my classmate’s posts and got a bit discouraged. Everyone seems so tech savvy and I am so NOT. But that is okay, because everyone has their strengths and I am learning. One week ago if you had asked me to create a website, embed photos, edit a photo of myself on Gimp to look like a drawing, make a SoundCloud, etc I probably would have shit my pants. So hey, this is huge progress for me and more incentive to work harder in the weeks to come. All things said and done, I do believe I did quite well this week.

A breakdown of my first week in DS106


Visual Assignments

Daily Creates

Class Participation

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