Week Two Summary… I might be getting the hang of this?

This week was pretty intimidating!! When I saw that we would be doing five design assignments with at least one being four stars I was a little worried. But hey, I got it done, and I actually ended up doing a GIF assignment that was four stars too!

I actually had a lot of fun doing this week’s assignments. I really enjoyed the Are We There Yet design assignment and I had fun making my GIFs. If you had asked me last week if I could make a GIF, the answer would have been a resounding no. Now I can make GIFs, and add captions and further animations to them!

I also really enjoyed reading about Massimo Vignelli. I think it is really cool that he created his book and it is available for free. I think that really speaks to his passion about design; he seemed to want to share his knowledge with future designers and I think that is super admirable.

This week I learned a lot about design, like use of space, typography, color, proportions, etc. I also learned how to do specific things in Gimp, like edit out the background of a photo and edit one photo into another. I also learned how to make a GIF in Gimp using the frame by frame approach and animating it with the filters tab. What a week!


  1. Vignelli Reflection
  2. Design Blitz

Animated GIF Assignments

  1. Animals Doing Funny things (Two and a Half Stars)
  2. Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D GIF (Four Stars)

Design Assignments

  1. Are We There Yet? (Three Stars)
  2. Noir Valentines (Three Stars)
  3. Wedding Invitation (Three Stars)
  4. The Little Caption (Two Stars)
  5. Computer Books for Kids (Four Stars)

Class participation

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  1. I felt the exact same when I saw the comment about having to do a GIF with at least four stars. It took me a rather long time to figure out but was not too bad in the end.

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