Design Tutorial: License Plate (3.5 Stars)

The Assignment: Design a License Plate (3.5 Stars)

This assignment was pretty simple. I started off by searching for a free license plate designing program. I found and searched for New Jersey plates since I wanted to stay true to those elements of the show. Their site is extremely user friendly. I clicked on a template I liked and selected “Customize”. This allowed me to change the text on the plate.

I wish I could take credit for the hilariously appropriate license plate, but that is actually a detail from the show (that I wanted to recreate for this project). See below on his golf cart:

Now the trickiest part of this whole assignment was probably just isolating the image of the plate. Zazzle is technically a retailer for license plates, so they don’t really give you the option to “save” your image (rather, they would just prefer you to purchase a plate).

So, to fix this, I took a screenshot of my computer screen (see below). I then cropped the image to only show my plate.

the cropped image

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